Your Health, Our Concern

Scientific and Sophisticated Cleaning methods to meet COVID-19 Challenges

– Frequent disinfecting in all public areas
– All cleaning staff and restaurant chefs to wear face masks and single use rubber gloves on duty
– Temperature readings for all guests during check-in
– Face Masks provided to all residential guests at check-in
Requiring guests to complete a declaration from regarding their recent travel details
– Temperature readings for all employees before and after their shift
– Avoid shaking hands as a social greeting

– Alcohol based sanitisers to be present in all common areas
– All Linen is maintained with extra care and sanitised with precaution
– Employees are trained in sanitisation guidelines as per the protocol defined by the government agencies
– Proactively disinfect all tables after each guest’s departure
– Provide additional hand sanitisers for guests and employees in the restaurants
– Sanitize all public areas, surfaces and equipments like credit card machines